P.E.I. plumbing inspection costs going up

Plumbing's setting up brand-new sinks and toilets in homes and businesses will have to pay greater inspection charges starting Saturday. The provincial government is raising the charges throughout the board.

The charge will rise from $14 for each fixture, such as a sink or toilet, to $20, with the minimum total fee increasing from $20 to $50. The boosts bring the charges closer to what other provinces charge said Glenda MacKinnon-Peters, manager of evaluation services for more information.

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The heat is on for boiler control

Lowering utility expenses and being more sustainable are high on the agenda for a lot of organizations, yet boilers throughout the nation continue to be inefficiently run. Yasar Butt of Trend Control Systems, describes how anti dry-cycling measures can accomplish significant energy savings when presented into a Building energy management system (BEMS).

It is the time of the year when spring cleaning up a BEMS and examining that it is working to its optimum levels must be carried out in order to make instant cost savings. As well as changing operating times and setpoints, one item that ought to not be forgotten is to put procedures in location to prevent boiler dry cycling.

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Seven reasons to alter your boiler

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